welcome to Tezpur
Tezpur is situated in the banks of river Brahmaputra,in Sonitpur district.Tezpur is a place of historical importance.Many old temples and building can be found here in Tezpur.Its a small city but truely speaking it shows the world what is the meaning of Pollution free .
The name Tezpur signifies "City Of Blood"
How Tezpur got its name.
At that time Tezpur was ruled by BAAN Raja , the king of Asuras.Lord Krishna's nephew Anirudha fell in love with Usha ,Baan's daughter.Usha love for a simple mortal came to Baan's notice and so he kept Usha in a separate island.Now this place is known Agnigarh(Observatory Hill).Anirudha with the help of Chitralekha(Artist) managed to make Usha his own.Baan made Anirudha his captive and which resulted in a War between Lord Krishna and Baan.Thousands lost their lives and blood was spread everywhere.In this way TEZPUR got its name. Baan was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.He is the pioneer behind Mahabhairab temple.It is beleived that Shiva Linga in the Mahabhairab is the second largest linga in the world.

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How to reach Tezpur
Its a 4 hour journey from Guwahati.There are two routes from Guwahati to reach t ezpur
1.One is through Nagaon.This route is through Jagiroad,Roha and you'll be touchi ng Meghalaya border.
2.The Other one is through Mangaldai,Orang,Kharupetia,Dekhiajali.
Something about Tezpur Town
Tezpur is a small town in the banks of river Brahmaputra.There are many places s urrounding Tezpur - which invites you to enjoy the natural beauty.Tawang which i s in Arunachal Pradesh is place full of scenic beauty.You can also visit serene beauty of river Brahmaputra bank.Its called Ganesh Ghat.This place is called Gan esh ghat as there is a Ganesh Temple.
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